Experience Kayaking and Surfing…

Kayaking around the Leigh Coast gives you a chance to see dolphins, orca, whales or seals.
When the swell is up it might be the perfect time to surf or have fun on a boogie board.

Must dos
kayaking and surfing…

• Kayak up the Omaha River to the little waterfall
• Surf the famous Daniel’s Reef
• Watch the fish with a see-through kayak – clearyak

Kayaking Matheson Bay

You can park close to the beach and it is just a short walk to the water with your kayak. A short paddle takes you around the island or you could travel along the coast in either direction – towards Ti Point or Leigh Harbour.

Kayaking Whangateau Harbour

The best time to kayak here is around high tide. There are several places to launch your kayak such as the Whangateau Domain, Omaha boat ramp, Ti Point dinghy ramp, Big Omaha Wharf or Point Wells. At the northern end of the harbour there is the old boat shed or you could go towards Ti Point. A longer paddle passes Point Wells, through the mangrove trees and follows the Omaha River to a little waterfall. You could also paddle under the Omaha Causeway and explore the southern end of the harbour. Check tides before you go or you might end up high and dry as the tide drops.

Kayaking Leigh Harbour

This pretty harbour has a rocky coastline you can paddle around and there are several small beaches to land on.  Continue alongside the edge of the harbour or further along the coast in either direction. You can launch your kayak from the Leigh boat ramp.


Kayaking at Goat Island

From the main beach access you can follow the coast to Pakiri or travel the other way towards Cape Rodney. An experienced kayaker will enjoy the views of the seaward side of Goat (Hawere) Island, but don’t paddle into the caves if there is any swell. Look for fur seals that sometimes bask in the sun on the rocks. Busy days at Goat Island may make it difficult to get your kayak to the beach.

Kayaking at Pakiri

It’s further to carry your kayak at Pakiri but if nice and calm this is a good place to paddle alongside a long, white, sandy beach to either the northern or southern end. There’s often a swell so take care.


Kayaking Omaha Bay

This large bay is bordered by Tawharanui, Omaha, Ti Point, Matheson Bay and Leigh giving you plenty of options of places to launch your kayak. You just need to decide what direction you’ll take.



When Pacific storms to the north or east of the Leigh coast generate large ocean swells the local coast has fantastic surfing. While Anchor Bay at Tawharanui and Omaha Beach are well known there are other less well-known spots. These breaks are good for both board surfers and bodyboarders.

Daniel’s Reef at the end of Wonderview Road, Leigh produces some massive waves and if the wind is from the sou-west they have great shape and long rides.

Goat Island, although better known for snorkelling and diving, has good waves when the swells keep the snorkellers out of the water. At mid tide around 400 metres west of the beach entrance surfers can enjoy a really good break. With a big swell, surfers can sometimes go straight off the beach.

Further west the long expanse of Pakiri Beach also offers good surfing. With some 14 km of beach there’s not usually a crowd.