Ti Point Reptile Park

27 Ti Point Road, Leigh

Phone: 09 422 6021

Email: enquiries@reptilepark.co.nz

Web: www.reptilepark.co.nz


  • Adults $20
  • Seniors $15
  • Schoolchildren $10
  • Family pass – 2 adults and 2 schoolchildren $50
  • Preschoolers no charge


  • Open Daily 10am to 5pm
  • New Zealand’s only reptile park
  • Tuatara, alligator, turtles and more
  • For an animal to be classed as a reptile it must have scales, be cold blooded and obtain its oxygen from the air. Reptiles living at the present time are classified in four types, Crocodilia [crocodiles and alligators]  Squamata [lizards and snakes] Chelonia [tortoises and turtles] and Rhynchocephalia [tuataras].  With the exception of snakes (forbidden by law in New Zealand) and sea turtles, the Reptile Park has representatives from all four types. Visit us and discover more!

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