Leigh Fisheries


Leigh Fisheries was established in 1957 by pioneering families in the coastal village of Leigh. Today the company is predominantly owned by private shareholders. Together with its sister companies in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and the Lee Lobster, the Lee Group markets and distributes seafood to wholesalers, restaurants, and supermarkets. Even though the village and parent company is spelled “Leigh”, it was Leigh Fisheries’ Asian clientele that adopted the “LEE” spelling because it was most familiar to them. Leigh Fisheries decided to adopt this spelling and keep it as the brand. It’s now the accepted spelling for all Lee Fish subsidiaries while the parent company remains ‘Leigh Fisheries’ located here in the village of Leigh.

The Lee Fish brand is recognised around the world as a prime source for premium-quality chilled seafood. www.leefish.ch